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The role game, this is a game on computer?

No ! The game of role practices between friends, with a game meneur and the Players. To due to the success of role games "normaux", editors of software conceived games on computer in which these a same player manages several personages, the game meneur being replaced by the computer. Enough interesting in regards to the graphisme, their possibilities are restricted as soon as it Is a question of reply to the imagination overflowing players. This is a little as to play cards or to the soccer on computer, that does not replace a true part with of true partners, but one can entertain oneself all

this is the "books of which are you the heroes" and the Life-size?

* A book of which you are the hero is, as the games on computer, a Diverted from role game. Simpler, one plays there in solitary, the book proposing an adventure with choices Multiples, but limited. Even if this is not game of role, this is an average form for a game meneur beginning of To familiarize itself with certain of its mechanisms.

* The life-size, that certain call also role game, from which the confusion, consist of live the adventures &Quotcomme for vrai". That is to say in itself costumant, while realizing the actions in direct, while playing In the real framework of the adventure (château, forest...). That necessitate a big organization and not poorly of Preparation. This is not a game "mieux" or &bon" quot;moins; that the role game "normal" (that the practices of the life-size one call game of role on table) but very different, and many Players s'adonnent themselves to the two types of games.
Usually, when the television speaks of role game, this is life-size that it acts himself, for the journalists the find more visuel (more in the axis of the chain: see
the truth ).

What THAT THIS What that means, a game without winning?

Opposite to the most of corporation games, of cards or of sport, the game of role distinguishes itself by the fact that it does not have there effectively or losing, or winning, even if the players receive of the &Quotrécompenses" when they play well. The players do not play against one another, they form a Only team. It does not have there therefore not any adverse team to Confront. The game meneur is not either an opponent, This is the referee that manages the positions. Indeed, the team players could very well assimilate itself to a cordée Of d'alpinistes to the ascension of an unknown mount. They have each their own capacities (endurance, agilité, management of The equipment) but must act in a same goal. As for the game meneur, it represents the passage ways, the Intempéries, the altitude of the summit. The team can very well attain the summit of the mountain (c'est-à-dire to succeed the adventure) but it will have not other gain that the satisfaction of the accomplished exploit and the experience Accumulated by the ascension. If they fail, they are leave to recommence another time, or to try itself to a sport Less dangerous.

The role game, this is " ; Donjons & Dragons "?

Donjons & Dragons is the first one of the role games to appear. It has Created summer in 1974 to the united States by Gygax Gary. Since, a version a little more complex in has découlé, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D), that is the version Currently broadcasted in French. The AD universe& D Is médiéval-fantastic. But since 1974, more of three Role cents games were created. What this be for Play the secret agents, enqueteurs, super-héros. They go simplest to the most complicated one.

The Game meneur is it a true referee, is able-one to influence it?

The game meneur is before all a human being (even if certain call it Master by reference to the English term "dungeon Master" or by irony). That is to say that it is Faillible, even as a referee. If it you seem that it has committed an error, signal it him gentiment, it will repair without doubt his error

Why All the players do they have dice and figurines?

The only ones essential accessoires of the role game are: pencil, Paper and dice. The first ones to note informations and the met personages, the seconds to manage the Events for the role game is before all a game. The figurines serve to better certain visualiser positions, And to do pretty. One can very well play without.

How much Of times last the parts?

Vast question that does to flee most of the postulants when they learn that certain parts last &années" quot;des;, what Is not completely true. What it is necessary to know, this is what a part game normal role last between four and Six hours, in all case rarely less three hours. This is long of course, but take in the action one not some returns oneself Count. If the part lasts too a long time, one cuts it in Several meetings. Thus, it is current that a part a étoffée little, that should last eight hours (and therefore to occupy the big part of a week-end) is cut in two meetings four hours that the participants will play at Some days of interval. When to the notion "d'années", it is a question of persons that confuse an only adventure and the fact that a same personage be able Some to live several. If you said to a friend that you go look at Trek Star to the télé, it will understand that you Will see an episode 40 minutes. And not to remain five days in front of the post to look at d'affilée the complete one of the Episodes.

I Do not understand nothing to what say the jdr players. Is this Normal?

Yes. The game of role comes from united States, and number of terms have been Used such which, in English, by the first players. Furthermore, as there is not poorly abbreviations, someone that The hears for the first time be a little have just had to surprise. If one hears the word "touït", that means "to hit", this is English that means "(score to Realize) to touch (his opponent) ". In French, this is not always more evident to know than the "tacot" is not a car but the score to Realize To Touch a Classified Armure 0 (T.A.C.0). But Finally the habit comes very fast. And you will return yourself count that this is not a more difficult vocabulary to Understand that the one of the cars or soccer.

the word document: this is what the game of role

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